My plans to clear my desk of all the accounts clutter are delayed (again)  by a whole load of stuff needing attention..

The diary throws up a load of stuff too, including my August Newsletter which I write, design and schedule to go out at 8.45am tomorrow (1 August). I’ll be on a train to London and don’t want to rely on an internet signal.

Before lunch I mange to clear a pile of old papers and stick them through the shredder. Quite a theraputic exercise.

In the house, I pick up the banjo and run through the banjo songs in my repertoire. There’s only five, one which is rarely played an constantly evolving. I need to write another one or two…I’m feeling encouraged by the positive reception of Whisky Trail.

I’ve been working on a local project to step up the efforts to improve broadband int he area and have been part of Stirling Council’s   broadband delivery group. An daily complex application for help with a feasibility study hasn’t had the courtesy of a reply yet…and I think there’s a meeting scheduled for tomorrow night when I’m away. I emailed my contact yesterday and got no reply so I text to see if my email are getting through.

An almost immediate reply says they are and that a colleague will call shortly, which he does. Seems there’s been a bit of a political storm at Stirling Council and the group has been disbanded.

To cut a long story short, we arrange a meeting for next week to find out what’s going on.

Finally I manage to get into the studio and mess with the guitars for a couple hours, revisiting a ‘bubbling under’ song idea.

I’m not long back in the house and making up some dough for corn tacos when the power goes off.

Ah well…not a huge problem as we’ve been using camp stoves for the last week as the hobs goosed. We make the chilli and tacos camp-style.

Then  it’s an early night. I’ve a 3.30am rise for my trip to the US Embassy in London tomorrow…