The visa interview process is a little more streamlined at the new US Embassy near Battersea…

THE alarm goes off at 3.30am. We tear ourselves out of bed, drink some coffee and jump in the car to Glasgow.

Margaret drops me at Central Station. It’s not even 5am, so most fo the food places are shut…all except  Pret where I pick up a cheese baguette and a coffee then find my train and settle down for the trip to London.

Just as well I bought supplies in advance. The Virgin train, while comfortable, has a poorly stocked and extremely over-priced ‘snack bar’. The sockets for keeping my phone and iPad charged ain’t working either.

I do a little work then have a nap and before I know it we’re at Euston where I take the Underground to Vauxhall. I’m off to the new US Embassy for my O-1 visa interview but have n hour to spare so buy a bottle of water then cheekily nip into a Pret to use the toilet, before ambling along the riverside walk.

Entry to the US Embassy is a more streamlined process than in the past and my document checks and interview all go quickly and smoothly. VIsa granted. Three years 🙂

I’m meeting a publisher I work with at 3pm..their offices are on Tottenham Court Road around three miles away. I have some time and it’s a nice day, so I decide to walk and break my journey by stopping for lunch at Viet Pho’ in Greek Street. Spring rolls and seafood pho’ go down a treat then I carry on and meet Steve.

We chat in the office then go across the road for a coffee. 

After out meeting I have a little time before my6.30pm train back to Glasgow. My phone is out of power and my little emergency charger probably not enough to last me the train journey if the sockets aren’t working on the train, so I nip into a coupla electronics shops to enquire about the Anker powerbanks – available on Amazon for around twenty quid…they want £60/£70 and both offer an immediate £10 off when I swither, Of course I pass on their kind offer, save the money I don’t have and cross my fingers the train sockets are OK.

En route to Euston – knowing the catering (or lack of) situation on the train I pick up a coupla packs of sandwiches and some beers, wander the rest of the way to the station and grab a seat on the train. Sockets are working!

Margaret picks me up at 11.15pm and we’re back home by midnight. Phew!

Seafood pho’ for lunch…