I SLEEP right through my alarm….must be catching up on yesterday’s 3.30am rise and long day!

The visa approval is great news – but it means a huge deluge of stuff to be done on the October/November USA tour.

First task is to contact everyone involved and let them know the visa has been approved and we’re all systems go. That’s quite a job.

I take a break for a coffee with Betty and Joe then carry on. The visa news gives me the perfect opportunity to chase some other potential USA dates too.

Once I’ve let everyone know personally I feel I can do a Facebook Livestream to spread the word. Just a s we get set up outside the rain starts…we put up with it and I do streams to both my profile and page.

I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k outing – now into week four, run one which has significantly more running.

Back home there’s some responses to my USA emails – two of them requiring poster art ASAP…it’s great they’re offering to print etc at their end so I get straight on it before going back to the house and getting a green curry on the go.

It;s nearly 10pm when we sit down to eat then chill for a while before an early night. Lots to get busy with tomorrow…