Great see Catriona and Will….and get a wee cuddle from Freya…

MY desk is a mess…I need to get all the papers in order and tidy things up.

I get the routine stuff out the way, have breakfast and about to make a startwhen an urgent message comes in from a radio guy needing an ident for a show he’s doing about Tenby Blues Festival which I play in November.

It’s needed immediately so I hit the studio and, after spending half an hour fixing the elastic shock mount for the mic, I get a piece recorded and sent off.

The next few hours is spent getting all the papers in order then we have lunch and I rememberI need to put a rub on the chicken thighs that are going in the smoker tomorrow.

Back in the office I get everyth8ng ready to hit the ground running and get all the receipts etc through the spreadsheets tomorrow….for now it’s time to head over to Catriona and Will’s. 

We stop to pick up some stuff at the supermarket then we reach our destination….we have a great meal and evening of chat before heading to bed…