The replacement thermometer in the smoker is a big improvement over the old knackered one…and it’s good to have a remote monitor that actually works!

WE’RE all up and round the breakfast table at Catriona and Will’s at a reasonable time.

They’re off to meet pals in Perth for lunch and we need to get home and get on with a bunch of stuff.

As soon as we’re back I get the smoker fired up and the chicken thighs on the go – we’re having some for dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow and using the remainder to go with my Andouille sausage and some shrimp in Monday’s jambalaya.

The Senseo coffee machine ordered a week and a half ago finally arrives. Think this might be a hastily couriered replacement when the first didn’t arrive. It works well and although I’m sad in a way to see the demise of the Nespresso machine, I think I even prefer the Senseo coffee…and the economy and envirmonmental stuff is a winner.

While the chicken smokes away I get busy with my accounts and manage to completely clear my desk  – looks and feels good to have that out the way 🙂

The office now needs a clear out, tidy up and a clean…so does the garden shed. We’ll maybe tackle that tomorrow.

We’re off to Mull and Lucy’s wedding reception, so eat a little earlier than usual then Betty and Joe come and pick us up and we all go to the village together.

There’s loads of local pals there and it;s great catching up with folks. The band’s first class and the buffet damn good too.

Back home we have a nightcap and watch the third and final part of Scottish music documentary Rip it Up! – I have my usual mumps and moans and can;t believe the electronic/dance references are monopolised by Soma/Slam with not even a mention of The Shamen.