A BIT of a mad dash after breakfast…I need to be in Glasgow for a Music+ meeting with one of my mentees and I wanna drop some stuff at the dump en route.

My plans are scuppered when I find the road closed with no advance warning which adds a 15-minute detour…although I do find a dump/civic amenity site en route which lessens the imapct.

I normally park at the People’s Palace when I hit Glasgow, but when I get there the whole area is closed off for the sports event/s whatever they may be. Luckily I find a wee parking place nearby, but I’m bursting for a pee…and in danger of running late. The People’s Palace is closed too, so I have to hold it in and rush into the Scottish Music Centre in Candleriggs where my student turns up just a few minutes later.

We have a grand session then I head home….I;ve a meeting with Betty and Joe to discuss a wee local project, then someone else dropping by to disucss a multimedia project that i can help them with. It’s all go.

Martyn and Louise are dropping round for some dinner and a catch up to night – they’ll be my guinea pigs for the jambalya recipe with smoked chicken, Andouille sausage and prawns. Cooked on the camp stove ‘cos our hob’s still goosed.

The jambalaya’s a success and we have a grand night 🙂

AN early start for us all tomorrow tho’, so we don’t kick the arse out it….