With Graeme Scott at K107fm…sorry Graeme..the timer took the shot as you were about to sneeze! We shoulda fired off some extra pix!

AN early start as I have a PRS members’ fund meeting in Fife.

Once I’m done I take a drive to Largo and park up by the shore where I get some work done, eat my packed lunch then go for a walk along the seafront.

I’ve to be at K107fm in Kirkcaldy about 4.45pm so make my way back along the coast, stop at McDonalds top pick up a coffee then hit the radio station where Graeme Scott’s already on air with his World of Music show.

I play a few live songs and we chat on air for an hour then I hit the road for home. Margaret’s already away to  a local community trust meeting when I get back…she;s left some chilli in the fridge which I heat up then go along to join the trustees at the meeting and give my communications report.

The meeting’s followed by lots of chat and red wine then we wander back home along the lochside.