I’M straight onto a wee video/multimedia project..

I quoted them for compiling a bunch of video vox-pops into a single video, but when they came round the other day it turns out there’s not only the video clips, but also subtitles (in Ra foreign!), nine photo albums each with between six and thirteen images in various portrait/landscape formats to be animated into captioned slideshows and a while load of different background music to be sourced. Oh, and it’s needed by tomorrow, but I want them to see a rough in case there’s any changes

That’s about four times as much work as I quoted for…and I didn’t expect the handover of media to take an hour-and-a-half! I’ll tdiscuss final costs when we’re done, but I’m not sure ‘normal’ folks understand what’s involved in all this.

Anyway, on with the job, which I actually enjoy doing. I’ve got the majority of it done when folks start arriving at 2pm for my local broadband upgrade project.

We have a constructive discussion for a couple of hours then I get back on the video/multimedia edit and drive along to let the folks see it.

They’re delighted, but have asked for a couple of minor changes, so I get back to the office, make the changes and let the final piece render while I fire up the kamado and start making some pizzas.

Skimping on the charcoal in the kamado turns out to be a mistake…there’s plenty to get going, but not enough to hit my 500 degree target temperature. The first pizza is ready to go in, but has to wait while I add  more charcoal and get things up to temperature.

So far, so good…but when  try and get the pizza off the tray, the (very) thin base has stuck and stretched and I can’t get it off the tray without ruining it. I realise this is probably why pizzas are made immediately before being put in the oven. Meantime, the fire in the kamado is starting to rage out of control and I’m getting annoyed.

The first pizza is half poured and half spilled onto the pizza stone…I;m furious ‘cos it’s such a waste and I;ve used three times more charcoal than necessary. Plus there’s no other food in the house so dinner is fast going down the tunes.

Anyway, Margaret decides to eat the disaster while pizza number two is cooking and assures me it was fine. I’m not convinced.