Weird to see some brambles ready…a good three weeks earlier than usual!

I HAVE to get some final changes done on the multimedia/video job and let it render then upload – my clients are popping round at 11am to get it transferred onto their laptop and other devices.

Once done, I finalise artwork for another local project and send it off to the suppliers who are working on the next step of the production. There’s a few other relative tasks that need looked at then I update the project plan and send it off to keep everyone up to date on progress.

The sun’s out, and after lunch in the garden I get onto trying to finalise some dates to help fill in the gaps in the October/November USA tour schedule.

There’s also some invoicing to be done and a couple of reports to be written up – one for Music+ and the other for PRS.

Over the course of the afternoon I get one extra show confirmed and make a little headway on contacting some other folks.

Eventually I catch up with myself and get out for a walk. I go on my favourite route – a circuit which takes me out along the road and back along the lochside. I’m amazed to see some brambles already ripe…and tasty too! Seems like they’re a good few weeks ahead of schedule…must have been the stretch of good weather ad sunshine that’s brought them on.

Back home I restring my wee Coillings guitar with a nice set of Heritage strings courtesy of Newtone Strings who make my ‘Dave Arcari signature’ strings. The job is long overdue!

With everything out the way, it’s after 9pm when I start making dinner then we eat and relax before turning in for an early night.

A much needed resting for my Collings…