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CATRIONA and Freya arrive just as we finish breakfast…Margaret’s off into Glasgow with them for the day.

I’ve a load of work to get through. There’s some stuff to be done in preparation for the local fun day next month and some USA tour booking stuff to be updated.

There’s a secret gig in Edinburgh on Sunday – apparently sold out already – and I need to get the guitars re-strung. Haven’t made up set list tho’. I’ll do that tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I had an idea to do a promo weekend offering a special deal on the double vinyl live album but it never materialised. I decide to do it today so make up a discount coupon and publicise it by way of two Facebook livestreams – one on my music page and one on my personal profile.

I’ll spread it wider tomorrow.

The USA tour dates confirmed so far need to go online…once I’ve finished adding them to the tour page on my website via bandsintown I start the laborious process of posting on other listing sites – SongKick, SonicBids etc…

I don’t get far when Margaret, Catriona and Freya arrive back…it’s nearly 8pm tho’. Margaret’s picked up some shopping which I put away, Catriona heads off and I rustle up some tofu with basil, lime and lemongrass on the campstove. The cooker folks are coming on Monday, so hopefully we’ll be back up and running with the hob soon.

Not my favourite but it’s one of Margaret’s top choices. We watch some TV, drink some red and crash out…

Tofu with lime, basil and lemongrass – quite an ambitious recipe for a camp stove!