SATURDAY? Yup, but loads of work to get through today.

There’s a news story to be put together for the local community trust which has secured a Scottish Land Fund (SLF) grant…and a subsequent e-bulleting to be sent out…I have to wait for the SLF to make the announcement before I can do that tho’.

My weekend discount deal on the vinyl version of the live album seems to have captured folks’ attention and there’s a nice steady stream of orders which I acknowledge and pack as they come in.

I’ve 1000 entry/auction tickets to print for the local flower show. The card stock arrives by courier which lets me get the printing underway. The cutting and punching will have to wait ’til Monday, but it’s good to have a head start.

Next, I hit the studio and make up a short set for my Sofar Sounds debut tomorrow (Sunday) evening in Edinburgh. It’ll be a learning experience and I want to hold my opinions.thoughts ’til I’ve been through it. Watch this space.

There’s two apps I need to start checking out – Switcher (a livestream utility) and Airtable…an online database that I might start using to build a booking system and keep track of gig-related work/tasks.

After accompanying Margaret on week five, day one of her couch to 5k programme – she’s doing pretty damn well – I get back into the office and see the SLF announcement’s now public, so I write up my story, circulate to the trustees for approval and start putting together the e-bulletin.

It’s getting late when I make the green curry…once we’ve eaten I get the local community trust e-bulleting sent out then we wander along to see Betty and Joe for a wee while.