Red squirrel’s back and hanging around a lot today

MARGARET’S off into Glasgow…and I’m up early for the cooker repair man.

Plans are caput, tho’. Margaret calls to say the repair folks have been in  touch and the engineer’s off sick, so the callout is rescheduled for Wednesday. Fuck sake. That’s three weeks we’ve been without a hob….

There’s a grant application to be sorted for the local community trust. It;s not complicated, but sourcing the application form turns into a bit of fiasco. Meantime, I gather all the info etc I need to complete it.

I have a load of USA tour stuff to do and sort out. The tour and tasks have far outgrown the initial spreadsheet I used to keep track of bookings and stuff and the old shared database – TapForms – is a clunky and outdated. to remedy things I’m trying to get my head round Airtable which looks promising.

Arthur drops by with some info I need for the grant application then I get back to work, having another wee break when Betty stops for a quick coffee.

There’s a whole list of things cropped up during the day needing my attention before I get some work done on a wee print job for the local flower show,

I get some fresh air accompanying Margaret on her couch to 5k outing which is stepping up a gear this week. She copes admirably.

Some more USA tour stuff, then I lock up the office and go back to the house where I make some corn tacos (on the camp stove!) to go with our chilli and various fixin’s…

Hob’s STILL not it’s corn tacos on the camp stove…