IT’S my birthday. Fifty-four. Jeez..time goes quick.

Anyway, birthday or not, we’re both off into Glasgow early. I drop Margaret off then set up office in McDonalds and treat myself to a birthday breakfast of a sausage, egg and cheese bagel which I munch as I start working.

I need to get a grant application finished and sent off on behalf of the local community trust, deal with some other stuff and then,a coupla hours later,  hit the south side to pick up some lumpwood charcoal.

It’s bucketting rain as I load the charcoal at the cash’n’carry then make my way to a supermarket to pick up some shopping – including a chicken and chorizo sandwich. Celebrating in style here 😉

There’s a good data signal in the car park, so after eating my sandwich I hang out and get a little more work done before going to get Margaret.

Back in town we have some other stuff to do and I drop by the mailbox to pick up the post. There’s time for a quick snack in Costco before we rock up at the Musicians’ Union’s USA visa seminar – Julianne from Tamizdat (the organisation I use for my visa petitioning) is over form New York and it’s a good, although rather poorly attended, event.

We’re done by 8.30pm and stop to pick up something for dinner which Margaret prepares when we get home then we crash…it;s been quite a long day and we’re both knackered.