I’M determined to finish the auction/entry card for the local flower show today, so as soon as I’ve done withe the routine stuff I get  busy cutting, trimming and punching holes.

Betty’s coming just after midday to record a script for a wee project we’re working on but before then, I need to get a batch of black bean soup on the go…some for my lunch today and a few portions for the freezer.

I get the cooking started then Betty arrives and we spend some time in the studio.

Back in the house I finish off the soup, have some for lunch then get back to the flower show print job. Finally I get it all done and parcelled up for delivery.

I have three short scripts to record in the studio. Once they’re down I edit them along with Betty’s recording from this morning and create final audio files for the project.

By this time Margaret’s home, put the shopping away and we need to head along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner.

We have a brilliant night although I overdo the red wine a little. Matty stops in and comes back with us – he’s staying tonight – and we have a wee nightcap and a blether. Suddenly it’s after 2am.