FEELING like crap when I wake up…some of it, undoubtedly, is due to the nightcaps – but some, I think, is attributable to my eye problem. I’ve got a hospital appointment next week, so I decide to wait ’til then rather than maybe crying wolf now.

There’s a couple of jobs in the office, then I tackle the stuff in the fridge that Margaret picked up yesterday. Some stuff for portioning and putting in the freezer then the chicken thighs need a rub for tomorrow’s cookout..the kids are all coming.

A big pack of mince needs divided up – part to make burgers for tomorrow, and the rest to be made into bolognese. I start with the burgers and mix up my special recipe then press enough for tomorrow…then make the bolognese.

Finally, I make a batch of Alabama White BBQ sauce to go with the smoked chicken. 

I’m failing fast and can’t believe I’ve spent most of the day in the kitchen when there’s so much other stuff needing done.

We tried to program the audio unit – part of Betty and Joe’s project – yesterday, but the transfer system in PC-only…and, of course, we’re all Mac. I’d tried formatting the USB drive in a PC format, but it wasn;t enough to trick the hardware, so I find an app called DotCleaner to strip all the hidden Mac-specific files from the USB drive.

Once done, I nip along to Betty and Joe’s and after a couple of false starts, get the thing working. Yay!

When Margaret gets home we take a walk to Barbara and Thorsten’s to drop off the flower show print I’ve been working on…beer and whisky ensue and it;s well after 8pm when we get home to find Arthur pulling up – we need him to sign a form for some community trust business.

Normally our dinner plans are pretty tight and inflexible, but tonight there’s plenty of bolognese in the pot and he stays for some dinner and some red.