WE’RE up at a reasonable time and have a big breakfast…plenty to get done today!

The kids are coming early afternoon for a family day to celebrate my birthday (last week) and Margaret’s (this week).

First, I have some web updates to do for a music client…and a proposal to do for another site which is long overdue a revamp.

When I’m done with the web job I get the smoker fired up for the chicken and prepare the grill ready for the burgers later. 

Once the chicken’s on I do a little more work in the office then Catriona, Will and Freya arrive. Matty rocks up soon after, then Mikey.

We sit and chat for a while then Will keeps me company outside while we drink beer, watch the chicken and get the burgers on the grill…Margaret and Catriona prepare some sides in the kitchen and soon we’re all sitting round the table eating.

Folks start heading of early evening and buy 9pm the house is quiet…we tidy up and do some dishes then sit and watch a film before bed.