THERE’S a big catch-up job after yesterday’s buckshee (work-wise) day…

I’ve a few reports to do and some stuff for the PRS members’ fund – I have a few visits left to do this year and want to get them all done before we head to the USA.

Betty drops in for a quick coffee and to touch base on some bits and bobs, then I get on and finish arranging the remainder of my PRS visits.

After lunch I start to tackle the metadata for the licencing deal with the USA jukebox folks. I’ve been putting it off, but it needs done!

There’s some last-minute promo to be done for Saturday’s show in Newcastle then I get busy with a couple fo Facebook livestreams to both my page and my personal profile. I’m keep to try out the Switcher Go app..the livestreams work, but the live stuff is a bit jittery, and I can’t see a way of monitoring live comments etc which defeats the main purpose/benefit of livestreaming – the live interaction.

I get a little more work done then we make our way along to Betty and Joe’s for an impromptu dinner…we don’t kick the arse out it tho’ – an early start tomorrow and I ahve the eye hospital in Glasgow.