MARGARET drops me in Milngavie and I wander down to the station and jump on a train to Anniesland.

A minor detour to Greggs for a roll and sausage then I carry on my walk to the eye hospital at Gartnavel.

I need to get a birthday present for Margaret – her birthday’s tomorrow (Thursday). Once I’m done at the hospital I hit Byers Road. No potential gifts there. I have an idea in my head and am looking for a specific type of bracelet/bangle.

I continue walking into town stopping first for a chat with Jimmy Egypt at his new guitar workshop/store then the Musicians’ Union office to pick up some stuff the have for me. I keep my eyes open and watch all the shops en route, but still nothing comes close to what I’m looking for.

By the time I get to Charing Cross my eyesight is starting to return to normal (after the dilating drops they put in at the hospital) and I need a coffee, so I stop in at Starbucks for a coffee and catch up on emails, social media and stuff.

Margaret’s picking me up sometime after 1.30pm, so I don’t have a lot of time to find her present. I walk down to Frasers. Nada. I try Debenhams. Nothing there.

Don’t see anything walking through the Argyle Arcade and my last resort is Princes Square where, thankfully, I find a nice bangle. Not quite what I had in mind, but I think Margaret’ll like it.

I’m starving and just about to order a quesadilla in Buchanan Galleries’ food court…Margaret’ll pick me up in half an hour. I still need to get a birthday card, so I guzzle my lunch and go off on a card hunt and manage to get to our rendezvous point just in time.

There’s some shopping to be picked up – the usual Chung Ying, Costco and Tesco run the we head for home and drop off some stuff for Betty and Joe,

Back home we unpack the shopping I do some prep for tomorrow night’s dinner then get the studio ready for this evening’s recording of a Spanish script for the audio project I’m working on.

The session goes good and when the folks are gone I spend a while editing the audio and creating a final audio file for the project.