MARGARET’S birthday! After presents and cards we’re about to have breakfast when the cooker man arrives.

We’ve been without the hob for a month now and it’s been a bit of a performance trying to get it seen to.

The guy can’t find anything specific wrong but cleans up some stuff inside the hob that he thinks may have been causing the problem…he’s still here when Catriona, Will and Freya arrive just after midday.

Catriona ‘expressed’ some milk for Freya so we could look after her for the day 🙂

We’re looking after Freya while they go to a wedding…it’s Freya’s first time apart from her mum and will be her first night outside her own home – although Catriona and Will will be back here later for the night.

Freya’s good as gold and I get on with some work while Margaret watches over her granddaughter.

My main task today is finishing off the licencing deal to get my music in jukeboxes across the USA…been a bit of a laborious job, but I think it’s finally sorted.

There’s also a load of poster art and stuff needing done for the USA tour so I make a start on that.

Betty, Joe and Barbara drop by early evening to say happy birthday to Margaret and see Freya then I make some Vietnamese beef for dinner.

Freya’s in bed just after 8pm and goes straight off to sleep – Catriona and Will get back before 11pm and we sit for a while with a glass of red and chat before bed.