Despite the crap weather and being knackered, Margaret perseveres with the couch to 5k run. Impressed!

A LITTLE rough when we wake up in Newcastle. Some grub, a shower and coffee help a little…but not much. Poor Margarets gonna have to do the driving (again!) today…

There’s a little online work to do before we leave. We need to hit the road by 11.30am as I’ve a Music+ session with a student at a studio in Glasgow at 3pm.

The traffic in Glasgow is crazy – a load of city centre streets are closed for some kinda cycling event. Looks like I might be a minute or two late, so I text my Music+ student to lwt him know and get a text back saying ‘sorry – I’d forgotten all about it. Can we re-schedule?’. ‘Mmmmm…unlikely, I’m afraid – it’s his last meeting/session and the Music+ folks will have to pay for my time and costs as well as the studio time which will be billed even though I’ll call and cancel it right away.

Next stop is The Clutha for MaggieFest – an all-day event in memory of our pal Maggie Swampwino who died recently. We don’t have much time, but want to show some support and put in an appearance.

Nice to catch up with some pals and some of the Alabama 3 family…and get a wee chat with Mark aka Rock Freebase who we haven;t seen for ages.

Back home we have a load to do – we have visitors coming to stay tomorrow and and I have some work needing done so I can hit the ground running tomorrow (Monday). First, tho’ I go out in the rain with Maragret for her couch to 5k run…