THE office is a mess. Before I do any work I give the place a bit of a clean and tidy up.

I have some reports and invoices to do then I start on the USA tour stuff. There’s a few shows/dates to chase up and still a load of poster art to do.

A Facebook message asks if I can send a birthday video message for a promoter and radio host down south…I’m happy to do so but, of course, it takes a bit longer than I expect as I decide to use a proper camera, mic and lighting. Something quick using just my phone would have sufficed, but if my video is being cut into something bigger I;d like it to be as good quality as possible.

Our pals Jo and Daniel are coming to stay tonight and are out and about. They’ll likely arrive around 5pm.

I take a break from the artwork and do a little prep for dinner so i’m not rushing around too much later then get back to the computer.

Jo and Daniel have not long arrived when Betty and Joe pop in. We have a coffee and a blether, Betty and Joe head off and I start making dinner.

Our visitors have an early start int he morning so we try not to kick the ass out of it but we still manage to empty a few bottles and stay up late.