A new kinda look for this year’s USA tour graphics…

JO and Daniel are up at 7am for a swim in the loch and get back just as Margaret’s leaving for Glasgow. We all say cheerio and suddenly the house is quiet again.

I finally manage to get the poster art for all the USA shows up to date. I’m hoping there’ll be more to come as some of the other dates are confirmed or come in.

The art is fired off to the respective bookers/venues who all seem happy to print out their end. It’s impossible to buy print in the USA from the UK, so their willingness solves all sorts of problems.

The Rockwood Music Hall in New York wants to change my showtime from 6pm to 9pm which is fine, so I amend the poster art and get new versions to them. 

Once the bookings database is updated I move onto thinking about visuals for social media and Facebook events. I have an idea and hit the studio to take some selfies and get the images together.

Suddenly it’s 6pm and I go put with Margaret on her couch to 5k run..a five minute warm up walk, a 25-minute run and a five-minte cool down walk. She does it!

Back home I make dinner then we go to a local community trust meeting after which I manage to exercise enough willpower to forego the red wine…been feeling crap in the morning so gonna try and hold back on the bevvy for a while.