ANOTHER USA show has come in – Carriage House Music & Arts in Newburyport, Massachusetts – so I update my USA tour graphics accorrdingly.

I make a quick trip to the postbox with some CDs and merch then carry on with some more gig chasing  and a load of things to be ticked off today’s to-do list then I marinade some meat for tonight’s Vietnamese beef.

The rain’s stayed off for a day ior so and it;s looking OK for the next few hours so I cut the grass then spray some weedkiller. The Kurtail Gold is powerful stuff and it’s important to keep animals – ie: Shitfur AKA Dog the cat – indoors after spraying. It’s the only stuff that (hopefully) tackles the mare’s tail…

After spraying I put the disposable gloves in the bin and all the clothes I had on in the washing machine and give myself a good wash. Gotta be careful!

There’s a few things to be done for the local community trust, including food and drink vouchers for the upcoming community fun day. They need to be numbered, printed, perforated and trimmed.

Once done I go for a wander up the lochside for the first time in a while. While at my favourite spot I do some livestreams – Facebook page and profile then Instagram.

Back home I need to gather some promo stuff for one of the USA shows…the promoter wants some video clips and photos to make some kinda promo reel..

Before making dinner I accompany Maragret on her couch to 5k run…another 25-minute run flanked by five-minute walks to warm up/down. She does well again.

I do the Vietnamese beef on the kamado as usual…but use a different guard to stop the meat falling through the grille.We have it with a little brown rice and it’s the best yet, enhanced by the scallion oil garnish and some rocket.