A REMINDER pops up in my to-do list – need to get proper prices for shipping vinyl to the USA for the tour.

The shirts, print, coozies and other merch items are all produced in the ‘States and shipped to our starting point. We usually carry some CDs and a few vinyls, but we’re pretty limited so I usually ship some CDs in advance. This time, I wanna make sure we have more than a handful fo vinyl – and the new album is a double 180g job, so pretty hefty.

After checking prices it looks like it’s gonna work out costing between two and three quid a pop. That’s not too bad, so long as we don;t get hit with import duty/tax. We’ll discuss quantities over the weekend.

There’s a some stuff to do for the local community trust which turns out to be a bit more time-consuming than I’d planned but I get it all done before lunch.

We’ve got folks coming for dinner tonight so I get some prep done then hit the office again. The USA showd are all on my website, but I need to get the dates listed on some of the main listings websites…SongKick, SonicBids,MusicGlue etc.

Once done I send out upcoming UK show info to a bunch of monthly mags..they need my UK dates now for their November issues.

Next I prepare my eNewslettter and schedule it to out to my mailing lists first thing int he morning. Read it here.

Back in the house I do some prep for the jambalaya then set about creating event cover graphics and Facebook events for the USA tour. Seems Facebook now allows bunches of dates to be collated into a tour. I get a bunch done before I need to get back to the kitchen.

Joe, Dave and Margaret (yup, another Dave and Margaret!) rock up bang on time and we have a lovely night of chatter, drinks and ….jambalaya. Betty, sadly, has had to make an emergency trip to visit her sister who’s not keeping well, so can’t be with us 🙁