The touring panel at FM2U with Rosie Bans, Nick Simcock, myself and Derick Mackinnon

A BIT of a rush this morning…I’m speaking on a  panel at the From Me To You music industry event  in Glasgow, but there’s heaps of stuff to get out the way before we leave.

I started creating Facebook events for the USA shows yesterday and grouping them into a tour…I don’t want to publish it until all events are created for the dates (so far) I rush to get that done before breakfast.

Not very sure if grouping events/dates into a tour on Facebook is a good thing…we’ll soon find out! See it here.

My September eNewsletter went out automatically at 8.45am but need to be banded round Facebook groups and other social media. Facebook thinks I;m spamming the groups, so i’m forced to stop early…it’s time to hit the road anyway!

We get to the Old Haidresser’s – the venue for the event – just as doors open, meet up with some folks and grab a coffee. The first panel session is about the role of record label’s in today’s industry. My panel, about touring, is next – my fellow panelists and I nip off for a quick pre-panel confab then we’re on stage.

The session goes great then we head across to Stereo for lunch before going back for the rest of the session.

Nice to catch up with folks, but we have to rush off as soon as the event finishes at 6pm…we’re off to Catriona and Will’s for dinner.

We Freya’s still up when we get there so we have some time with her..then chat for a while.I’m driving as part of my mission to cut back on the drink for a while. We’re home soon after midnight then….bed.