WE’RE up and at it early…a big to-do list for a Sunday!

There’s some international bills to be paid and merch prep for the USA tour….and the bills mean a wee bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it doesn;t look quite like financial ruin. Yet!

We look out some stuff for Will to pick up later – garden chairs, lights and stuff for his birthday party in a coupla weeks then get back to work.

While I’m scrabbling about int he office, Margaret is snowed under with local community trust stuff spread all over the dining table in the house.

Betty drops by for a coffee which provides a welcome break then I get the studio ready for this evening. Thorsten’s coming round to record a script in German for the local audio project I’m looking after. 

Will picks up the stuff soon after 7pm and we realise time’s tight. I get the grill lit and throw on a couple of burgers and we’re not long finished when Barbara and Thosten arrive. Thorsten and I hit the studio where he does an amazing job and records the script in one take.

Back in the house we sit and chat for a while then Barbara and Thorsten head off. It’s getting late, but Margaret has a bunch of work still to do and I need to re-create the local community trust logo in a scalable vector format. It’s only ever existed as a bitmap which is fine for most things but I’m doing artwork for a banner stand and need a large version. It’ll be good to have a ‘proper’ version for future use anyway.