ONCE the routine stuff’s out the way I hit the studio, tidy the place up and get everything ready for the first of two recording sessions today.

Joe brings Brian along to record a French script for the audio project we’re working on. All goes to plan and we grab some photos and video that I hope to use to document the project’s progress.

I spend a little time editing the audio to tighten it up a bit then make lunch.

With the upcoming USA tour taking a lot of my attention, I don;t want to neglect the  Scottish shows when we get back so I knock up a quick graphic and punt it round social media to keep the visibility thing going.

When moving an outdoor camera on Sunday I had problems with a screw head stripping and had no time to sort it out. There was also an issue with the camera which didn’t like being moved. I reset the camera – while it’s going through all the re-setting malarkey I grab a hacksaw and make a notch in the stripped screw head and manage to get it out.

Problem is, the other screw is now causing a problem. It tales an hour to get the whole shebang sorted and everything working as is should.

I do a little work on the USA tour before Betty arrives with Chrissie to record another script. Gaelic this time.

Again all goes good, then I hit the office and work on some t-shirt ideas for the USA tour. My ideas are fine in theory, but I’m nowhere near skilled enough to make them work in practice, so I mull over other ideas while accompanying Margaret on her couch to 5k outing.

After dinner Louise drops in to do work on some local community trust stuff with Margaret – I edit the Gaelic recording then go back into the office to scratch out some more t-shirt ideas….