FIRST job is USA t-shirts…I need to get a design sorted quick. I have some more ideas and wanna do some roughs before spending time on developing them.

I take a break and cut up a pork shoulder to mix with various ingredients for another batch of andouille sausage, The cubed meat needs to sit in the fridge for an hour before mincing,

In the studio I mix the remaining audio for the information project then go back to the house and put the sausage mix through the mincer. then back in the fridge ’til tomorrow.

After lunch it’s back on the t-shirt and I finish off some ideas to pass by Margaret later then head out for a walk up the lochside.

Some good news comes in the form of some more confirmations for the USA tour. I’ll update everything as soon as I have the details.

Back in the house I knock up a green curry with tofu – the best yet. Think I’m getting the hang of the air fryer at last!

Too late for more work so we relax and watch some telly.