I manage to get quite a nice snap of the garden visitor…

THERE’S two more shows confirmed for the USA tour – Benzonia and Traverse City – so I add them to all my listings and get various graphics etc done.

I also add them to the tour database and create Facebook events for both and add them to the Facebook ‘tour’.

My pal Duncan calls about his forthcoming website revamp. I just need updated content and some new images and I can get cracking. I’d like to have it all done and dusted before we hit the USA.

All going well, one of the shows waiting for confirmation should be sorted by tonight…and, with another booking made but no details sent to me yet, I think that will complete the October/November tour booking. All a bit later than I’d hoped. Nevermind…as soon as I have these last two sorted I can start all the promo and PR albeit a bit last minute.

The Andouille sausage mix I prepared yesterday has been in the fridge and the hog sausage casing soaking in water overnight. Next job is to stuff the sausage and make it into links.

I’m about to go back to the office when I spot a red squirrel bu the peanut feeder. I grab the camera and get a snap before I go outside and it scarpers.

I hang the sausage in front of a fan by the smoker and leave it to dry for an hour before it goes in the smoker…for four of five hours at 140F.

Meantime, I get some more work done in the office and even find ten minutes to mess with a guitar!

Sausage transferred to the smoker, I go for a wee walk and drop in to see Joe before taking a wander to the pontoon and doing a couple of livestream updates about the USA tour.

By the time I’ve cooked up the red beans and rice – with tasso ham and the last of the old batch of Andouille sausage – it’s after 10pm.

The new batch of sausage is done on the smoker and needs sprayed with cold water and hung in front of the fan for another hour. I get some work done during the last phase of sausage prep and finally get it in the fridge at midnight and lock up the office.