That’s booking complete for the upcoming USA tour 🙂

WITH the Fort Wayne show confirmed – and the great news that my pals Left Lane Cruiser will share the bill –I need to update the Facebook tour website landing page and other stuff.

I have a wee bit of fight with my landing page which is getting confused between images. I delete the lot and start again!

There’s a news release to be written and sent out about my forthcoming Loch Lomond Live appearance. As well as the usual local media I call some journos in outlying areas who are happy to run stories for me.

A conversation with Glengoyne leads to a little bit of ‘whisky sponsorship’ for the upcoming tour/s and more good news comes in with details of the Nashville, Indiana show. I think we’ll now regard the USA as finally fully booked 🙂

I get a final landing page sorted for the website then start work on finding some bookings for LA in January after the NAMM show where Im doing some stuff with national ResoPhonic Guitars.

First part is identifying potential venues so I look and see where some of my peers have played and stick the relevant ones in the database booking system. I send personal messages to all…we’ll see what – if anything – comes back over the next few days.

I also fire messages out to Facebook friends who live in/around LA to see what venues they may recommend I pursue.

Suddenly it’s time to leave for Helensburgh…we’re of fto Alastair and Karen’s for the night. 

As usual, a grand evening ensues..they’ve come to gigs and we were at their daughter’s wedding since our last get together whoch is all fantastic, but it’s nice to get a proper catch up.