AFTER breakfast with Alastair and Karen we hang out for a while then head for home.

I’m feeling a little delicate..having slightly overdone it last night and having been ‘aff it’ for the last 10 days or so.

There’s a load of Facebook messages and emails as a result of my west coast USA booking enquiries….and a load of online rumours and ensuing stooshy about the upcoming Loch Lomond Live festival.

One person – local to this area, and who shall remain nameless – pretty much let the cat out the bag that the festival may have to move form Drymen showfield to another location. The resulting rumours, conversations and posts beggar belief as folks jump to conclusions and spread rumours even futher without knowing any of the facts.

The organisers are stuck between a rock and a hard place as they can’s really mention anything about the potential move until they know for sure themselves what’s happening…and that, I’m afraid, is not in their control.

An email from the booker gives me a heads up on the situation.

I’ve got my own hunch on what’s happened but I’ll keep that to myself until we know precisely what’s happened.

I have some promo prep to do for the USA tour then I finally get a chance to work on t-shirt ideas/designs for the tour.

We’re just about to leave for Betty and Joe’s for dinner when Mikey turns up. He’s staying tonight, but he wasn’t meant to be getting here ’til later, then coming along to meet us at Betty and Joe’s.

Mikey decides to go out for a walk while we’re away and we have a lovely evening with our pals.

We’re just leaving when Mikey wanders along the road and we all walk back together.