We can’t decide which design we like best…so put ’em up on Facebook and Instagram polls to canvas some opinions…

SOME more poster art needing done for a couple of the new USA tour dates then I finish off the Facebook events/tour.

Next job is to start spreading the word organically, so I go into each event and invite local folks. Facebook has no way of doing this, but a workaround is to change your current city to the place you’re gonna be playing then when you select the ‘invite friends’ option to an event, a tab appears with friends in that place!

It’s not 100% great, but it work in a way..of course, it relies on folks having accurate/up to date detail on their profile.

Next job is t-shirts. Back on it.

I’ve had another idea but the image I wanna use needs a bit of prep in Photoshop. I’m due at the doctor’s in an hour, tho’ and Margaret’s got the car away…it’s a four-mile walk, o I need to get going.

I get there bang on time..and when I’m through call Margaret. The plan was she’d meet me on her way back home, but she’s been delayed so I’ve got a four-mile walk back in the rain. Good to get the exercise, tho’…and I learn some stuff listening to a coupla podcasts along the way.

I’m not long home when Margaret rolls up followed a wee while alter by Betty.

Back in the office I get busy with the t-shirt design ideas and Margaret makes a late dinner.

We like both design ideas but can’t decide which is best so I put the ideas up on a Facebook poll and immediately start getting feedback…very useful 🙂