ONE of the t-shirt designs is pulling way ahead of the other. It’s based on a photo that I don’t have the necessary permissions to use for merch tho’…

So…before I even have breakfast I set up the studio and take some similarly posed selfies which I’ll work on later.

After a very late breakfast I get some bits and bobs done for the upcoming community trust fun day.

In the studio I run through a few songs I’ll play live on tomorrow (Wednesday) night’s session and interview on Pulse 98.4fm in Glasgow and pack all the stuff I need to take.

The afternoon is spent re-creating the t-shirt idea which I send to the t-shirt folks in the USA. They get right back to me saying they need vector art. That, unfortunately, makes the whole damn artwork prep a lot more time-consuming and fiddly.

I nip along to see Betty and Joe with the audio files for the local information project we’re working on, programme the U-Turn audio unit over a coffee then rush back home…we’ve got appointments at the dental hygienist at 6.30pm.

Back home I go out with Margaret on her couch to 5k run. We bump into a guy walking the West Highland Way who – after walking 20-odd miles with a big backpack – is a bit lost and has over-shot his accommodation stop by about five miles. It;s getting dark, and late, so when Margaret finishes her run we jump in the car, find the poor bugger and give him a lift to his accommodation. Five miles back from where he came from.

Finally we’re home and before cooking dinner I decide to print out some passport-sized photos for our international driving permits which we plan to get tomorrow in Glasgow.

The five-minute job ends up taking three-quarters of an hour thanks to computer crashes, ink cartridges running out and numerous other stupid-ass printing problems that I really don’t have time for.

In the house I get the chilli on…luckily I made it and and the corn taco dough earlier so the chilli heats up as I press and cook the tacos.

It’s 11pm when I get back to the office and wrestle with the task of creating vector art for the t-shirts….and I’ve an early start tomorrow….