I HAVE some priority stuff to do for Sunday’s local fun day.

Some stuff from an organisational point fo view and some for my own personal info ‘stand’ at the event.

Some of the other stuff I need to do is put on hold though – my next priority is the replacement show for Saturday 22 September since Loch Lomond Live went tits up.

I’m working with Stephen from Have Mercy Las Vegas on a ticketed evening show at the Winnock Hotel, Drymen featuring HMLV and myself…plus some sessions round the pubs in the afternoon.

One of the newspapers that just ran a feature on my appearance at Loch Lomond Live calls to see if they can get an inside track on what went wrong…I tell them what I know and let them know about our plans for an independent ‘revival’ event. 

Next job is to tidy up the USA tour shirt artwork and get an order placed.

I;m halfway through when Willie arrives to fix the office door which we’ve had trouble trying to lock…and at his back Betty and Joe stop by.

We enjoy a chat and a drink then I dash off to the studio to I finish up a video presentation I want to use as part of my display on Sunday.

I knock up some jambalaya – the best yet thanks to the new batch of Andouille sausage – then hit the office and start the online promotion for the gig on Saturday 22 September…time’s tight, but I think we can pull it off 🙂