WE both hit Glasgow early.

First stop for me is McDonalds for coffee and wifi. I manage to get quite a lot of work out the way before heading to the Soul Barber Room for a haircut that should see me through the USA tour.

I have time to grab a snack and some shopping before picking up Margaret…we have eye exams at the opticians. No problems or prescription changes, although Margaret needs some new glasses to replace the bust ones in her handbag.

No dinner for Margaret as she’s got a checkup ‘procedure’ at the hospital tomorrow and can’t eat past midday today. She has to drink gallons of some revolting potion that have a pretty aggressive ‘cleaning out’ effect.

In the office I sort some photos and words for a local paper that will, hopefully, run a wee feature on the local community trust fun day in Friday’s edition.

I also sort out new artwork for a California gig which I;ve had to shirt form Saturday 26 January to Saturday 2 February…I mistakenly sorted it for the middle fo the NAMM Show! Luckily the booker/promoter is cool with the change. Phew!

Back in the house I heat up some leftover pork, chorizo and butterbean casserole then crash…