Read the Stirling Observer’s gig preview in my press cuttings….click the pic!

MARGARET’S got a hospital appointment later and we need to leave around 11am…first, though, I need to knock up some last minute posters for Saturday;s show to stick up in Drymen.

It’s a bit of a scramble to create, print and laminate ’em before we have to leave, but I manage…not a work of art,  but they’ll do.

We stop in Drymen and I get a couple up and pick up a copy of the Stirling Observer which has a nice feature previewing the show.

The wind’s picking up and it’s getting stormy – there’s lots of branches, debris and fallen trees on the road, but we get to the Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank with a few minutes to spare. Margaret’s checked in for her ‘procedure’ immediately and I go to cafeteria to get some work done. 

I’m just leaving to pick up some shopping when I get a call telling me Margaret’s in the recovery room and I can pick her up in an hour. Cool…time to nip to Aldi and back.

All’s gone well with the ‘procedure’ and Margaret’s got the all-clear…she’s a bit unsteady on her feet tho’ so goes to sleep as soon as I get her int he car. I stop at Halfords in Dumbarton to get a replacement headlight bulb and soon we’re back home.

I get some work done in the studio and the office before locking up and making dinner.

It’s getting late and by the time I’ve made a batch of green curry paste it’s time for bed…