A final unplugged encore and get-together in the middle of the crowd….

UP EARLY… a busy day ahead.

Willie arrives to work on our soffits first thing and I do some last minute promo for this evening’s show in Drymen before packing the gear.

As well as my own stuff for tonight’s show, I need to take some sound gear for one of the pubs putting on daytime music plus black scrims and lighting for tonight.

JonZip arrives just after midday and we make our way to Drymen and load in at the Winnock. Soundman Alex and Stephen (Have Mercy Las Vegas) are already there..we do a little prep then I set up sound for one of the daytime acts in the bar.

Then we head to the Drymen Inn where Connor Fyfe’s got things underway and is followed by JonZip.

It’s a busy afternoon, setting up the sound and light for the evening show and running round the pub venues making sure all’s well with the daytime music.

Back int he main room HMLV and myself soundcheck then JonZip and I go back to ours for dinner. We’re back at the venue before doors open and Margaret and JonZip look after the door.

Tickets have sold out and there’s a good few walk ups that we let pay on the door.

I kick things off, then HMLV take the stage and finally we all get together for an unplugged encore in the middle fo the crowd.

It’s a fantastic night. We’re loaded out by 1am and enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks before collapsing into bed sometime after 3am…

Grand night at the Winnock….

Nice shirt Crispin!