I’M up by 6am to get the smoker going and a pork butt on the go.

Funny, I always think I’ll go back to bed for an hour, but by the time I’ve farted about outside getting everything done I’m wide awake…so I go into the office instead and make a start on today’s to-do list.

After breakfast I gather all the stuff to shoot some video – I need to get a US tour trailer video done…and a bunch of social videos to promote each individual show.

With limited time, gear and resources we have to fumble through it all a little and decide on a wee pebbley stretch of the lochside by Milarrochy bay. The light is constantly changing, there’s some spits of rain and some rogue canoeists and passers-by to contend with.

We get it all done, tho’ – and while not perfect, they’ll do the job.

Back home I import all the video and separately recorded audio – the audio from the wee compact pop-a-matic camera itself is awful..mostly waves and wind. I replace and sync the sound then set the new files to export before I chop ’em up into individual movies.

The files are gonna take a while to process so after lunch I tend to the pork butt on the smoker then we take some backdrop scrims and support rail back to the hall. On the way back I drop in to see Fiona and Steven and by the time I’m home, the pork is ready.

In the office I start work on the video clips then we have an early dinner as Margaret has a community trust trustees meeting. I’ll go along later to give my communications update.

I get some more video clips edited then make my way to the meeting.

We’re home soon after 10pm and get a little more work done before bed. I’m not used to such an early start!