MAIN job today is editing all the videos we filmed yesterday and creating square ‘social-friendly’ versions.

It’s a bit of a laborious process…and once all 24 of ’em are done I start uploading them to Facebook, adding subtitles/captions and sharing them on the various event and venue pages.

I get five out the way then stop to work out prices to send more merch to the USA. It’d be good to send some more vinyl and also a few CDs so we don’t have to carry too much.

I use the P4D quote-finder for prices…but because there’s no consistent size/weight criteria across all the carriers it’s a bit trial and error.  Eventually I find the optimum package of vinyl and CDs and get a workable price from Collect+.

Then I realise I’d used up all the brown paper. Margaret’s on her way home so I call and ask her to pick some up and go to descale the coffee machine while I’m waiting. The descaling tablets Margaret ordered the other day arrived this morning.

I follow the instructions on the manufacturer (Philipps) website and spend the best part of an hour going through the processes only to find the ‘calc’ light – which indicates descaling is necessary – is still on. A more thorough search online suggests that two buttons need to be pressed at the same time to initiate the descaling cycle….no time to do it now, tho’ – Margaret’s back with the brown paper and I need to pack the merch and print the paperwork before we go to Catriona and Will’s.

The post office in the village is listed as a Collect+ drop-off point, but when I go in I’m told “we don’t do that anyore”. Shite. We’re a getting a bit tight for delivery time. Ah well, Glasgow it shall be tomorrow!

We have a lovely meal and evening with Catriona and Will and arrive in time to give Freya a wee cuddle before she goes off to bed.