A FULL day of USA tour promo on the cards.

First, though, I have a call and screen-sharing demo of a new PR/media platform…looks like a great service/resource, but the pricing is way out my budget and more in keeping with agencies and corporate  clients. I explain that I’m a solo musician and 100% independent…also that I only need access to certain territories and classifications of media.

I finish uploading the square video trailers for Facebook and, once I’ve tagged them and added subtitles, post a couple more. Gonna experiment with targeting the video posts to see if I can get more relevant reach – no point in reaching loads of folks in the UK at the expense of those based in the region of each show. 

After taking a break to do some work on my pal Rab’s website, I get back too it until it’s time to start phoning – via Skype! – some newspapers in the USA to see who best to send news releases too. It’s these calls that make the difference, time-consuming but often worth the effort.

I’m still at it when it’s time to go along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner…we have another lovely evening with some other pals from the village.