Some Scottish dates when we get back from the USA…

WITH all the focus on the upcoming USA tour, I’m worried the Scottish dates when we get back aren’t gaining as much traction as they should.

I post some banners and promo stuff online and send a few messages out in the hope that will keep ’em visible…and I put a note in the diary to deal with some of the more local and regional PR/media stuff while we’re away.

The time difference between here and the USA means I can’t start phoning round newspapers/journalists over there’ til after 3pm but that doens’t stop me pulling together more contacts in readiness.

As it goes, some newspapers/newsrooms etc are fairly easy to reach, where others require a series of calls often ending in a wild goose chase.

I take a break to rehearse some of the more rarely played songs in my tour set list then we nip along to Betty and Joe’s to help put up their winter curtain s.

Back home I make a green curry with tofu…Margaret gets busy with some tour prep and I mess on the gutar for a while before a relatively early (ie: before midnight) night…