THE last ‘working day’ before we head off to the USA and a mountain of stuff to get through..scheduled interviews, press/media stuff and still some social media stuff needing done.

There’s also a bit of to-ing and fro-ing on the local audio project. I’ve done and delivered everything from my end but the installation has been dragging on for some reason. I’d have liked to have seen the thing complete before we go away but hey-ho. It’s in someone else’s hands.

One of the challenges of trying to do all the press/media stuff from this end is the fact that most USA media outlets block their content to us here in Europe…not because of any censorship or anything, rather as a result of the GDPR crap that hit earlier in the year. Researching USA media is somewhat hampered as a result.

I guess I could sign up to a VPN service and get around the ‘location’ thing but that’s another potential cost and hassle.– I use one on my phone but it’s just n extra hassle I don’t need. Instead I grab phone numbers form the newspapers’ Facebook pages and start calling round and firing out news releases.

By late afternoon my brain’s fried. I have an important podast to listen too, so go out for a last wander up the lochside before we hit the ‘States, listen to the podcast and do a couple of quick Facebook livestream updates.

When I get back I manage to set up and schedule my October eNewsletter to go out on Monday morning and email some UK gig info to the monthly magazines before it’s time to go to Duncan and Irene’s. We’ve been invited for dinner with mutual pals Paul and Emma.

Margaret take on driving duties and we have a lovely night, back home soon after midnight ready for the weekend’s prep and packing for the big tour…