CATRIONA brings Freya for breakfast. Once we’ve eaten i hit the office and tackle more of the stuff needing done before we leave for the USA.

Everywhere I look there’s stuff needing dealt with…and Margaret’s busy getting some of the accommodation sorted. 

In between things I call my pal Tom in Wisconsin. He’s having problems with his website and fixing it is beyond me…I wanna touch base anyway as we hope to meet up. It’ll be tight, though and he’s off on tour by the time we reach his neck of the woods…there is a show a coupla days before they leave that’s about 70 miles away and he’s keen to bring some folks along. Would be good to catch up.

We’re pretty much full on at it all day. We’ll deal with the music gear and packing tomorrow.

It’s after 9pm when I close up the office and start making dinner.