STILL a load of stuff to be done before we can even think about starting to pack.

We take a break to wander along to the local village hall where our pal Fiona’s holding tea/coffee/cake event to raise money for MacMillan cancer. It’s nice to see some friends and neighbours along to support the good cause.

Back home Margaret makes some mushroom soup with pre-trip fridge leftovers and I try and tidy up some of the mess in the front garden after Willie fixed the soffits.

We eat lunch then get on with tour prep. It’s 4pm before I get into the studio and select/pack the music gear and cart it to the house. Margaret’s sorting extra merch and the main packing. Martyn and Louise are taking us to the airport at 6am in the morning. Oooft.

I make some corn tacos to go with the pulled port then we carry on packing before taking a wee walk along to see Betty and Joe and other pals before we head away…