WE’RE scrabbling around with last minute stuff when Martyn and Louise come to pick up up at 6am to take us to the airport.

Out first flight – to Heathrow – isn’t ’til 1040am, but we like to be early with all the gear so hitching a ride with our pals, although, early, suits us perfectly.

The check in woman is fine and accepts that my Reunion Blues Continental Voyager gig bags are sturdy enough to go in the hold. A condition of British Airways new rules. The only time a guitar can go in the cabin is if a seat is bought for it! All is fine until a supervisor comes over to nosey and decides my cases are ‘soft cases’. Now, despite the fabric outer, these Reunion Blues gig bags have a special ‘flexoskeleton’ built in and  are, effectively hard cases. The woman thinks she know better and after a bit of haggling, ‘allows them, this time’ t be carried if I sign a disclaimer. Ridiculous!

Anyway, all gets checked in and we begin our journey. 

There’s just an hour in Heathrow, so no hanging around, and soon we’re on journey across the Atlantic. JFK-bound.

We land 30 minutes early, then have a 45-minute wait to get on the stand before being faced with an hour-long wait at immigration during which our names are called over the tannoy sign us to contact British Airways staff at baggage reclaim. Uh-oh…here we go….

Through immigration with no hassle, we find our bags on the carousel but no guitars. The BA lady shows us to the baggage services desk and we give details of where we’re staying so that the guitars can, hopefully, be delivered later.

My cousin Ginny is waiting in the ‘cell phone lot’ so we call her and she comes to picks up and whisk us to her Upper East Side apartment where Joh has some dinner on the go. We eat, chat and work our way through a section fo beers and whisky….

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