Despite the stress I have a great show at Big Woods in Nashville…

AFTER getting the usual ‘on the road’ tasks – last minute social promo for tonight’s show, blog etc – done we wave goodbye to Pittsburgh and start the 400-mile drive to Nashville, Indiana.

Margaret does the first shift in the driving seat then I take the wheel for the first time on this trip. We’re pretty tight for time so lunch is a quick stop for some tacos en route.

Our hotel is in Columbus, about 30 miles outside Nashville. We check in drop off some bags then find the venue – Big Woods. The guy that booked this show was meant to be on the case and promised big things way back in February. Then he went AWOL and finally came up with this show a few weeks before we left. Details were sketchy and to confuse matters, Big Woods has two places in town – and two out off town….it was never clear exactly where I was playing.

Luckily, someone coming to the gig called the place and posted int he Facebook event I’d set up. The venue had accepted the co-hosting request but clearly didn’t feel inclined to provide any detail. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Nevermind, We find the place, park up in the street behind and I go to find the lie of the land. The girl at the door goes to find out what’s happening…turns out I’m playing 8-10pm upstairs…no posters, info or anything to say there’s a show going on…and we need to wait ’til they’ve moved a table before we can load in. It’s 6.30pm now…

I find the venue booker who’s in ‘the other’ Big Woods which is only across the street. She’s very nice, realises the lack of communication and takes me to the performance space. There’s a PA in the cupboard which I scrabble about setting up and am ready to start on cue at 8pm. 

Thankfully there’s a good crew of folks that’ve been at my previous shows in the area and they’ve spread the word, the PA sounds pretty good and the evening goes well. Payment is by cheque, though…all pre-prepared and typed up by the operation’s HR department with my name mis-spelt. We’re assured we can cash it at a local bank in the morning….mmm…

Back at the hotel I tuck into the very good pizza I brought back from the venue…Margaret had hers while I was playing…sink a beer and crash out.

Some of our local pals hang back after the show for a dram 🙂