There’s time to stop in Nashville before heading to Fort Wayne….

WE’RE up sharpish and have a quick breakfast before packing up and hitting the road.

Only a couple of hundred miles to go to Fort Wayne, but we need to get back into Nashville before the bank shuts to cash the cheque from last night’s show. My worries are unfounded when the teller cashes the cheque no problem 🙂

After a quick look round town we nip into he visitor centre then pass by a local art gallery to drop a CD an info off to the guy wh runs an annual blues festival in town. He’s a nice guy and we blether for ages.

We share the driving, stopping at a supermarket for some lunch stuff and make good time to Fort Wayne where we check into the La Quinta hotel.

there’s some time to relax before we head downtown to load in at The Ruin and we have some dinner in the hotel room.

Soundman Eric is ready for us when we roll up at The Ruin and the Left Lane Cruiser guys arrive just after us.

There’s a great crowd in – including a guy from Czech who say me at Blues Alive in Sumperk eight or nine years ago!

Left Lane Cruiser kick things off then I take the stage for an hour or so..then the guys return to the stage for a short set to close things off. 

Once we finish with the merchandise and get tidied up there time for a quick dram with the guys…it’s after 2am when we get back tot he hotel and we have to be on the road by 9am in the morning. Oooffft….

Left Lane Cruiser kick things off at The Ruin…

Then yours truly hits the stage.

And there’s time for a quick dram with Pete and Joe (Left Lane Cruiser), soundman Eric and venue owner Cassie