An early show at the Pecatonica Taproom…

UP at 7.30am after a 2.30am get-in…we need to be on the road by 9am latest.

We’re a few minutes late leaving Fort Wayne, but make up enough time to stop for lynch at a diner en route to Warren, Illinois. Pot roast for Margaret and a sesame tuna Asian salad wrap (and fries!) for me. It’s good.

As we load in at the Pecatonica Taproom at 4.30pm the opening and is mid-set. Wally furnishes me with one of Pecatonica’s finest beers and soon I’m set up and on stage for two 45-minute sets. The house band joins me for Good Friend Blues at the end of my first set.

The place is buzzing and  there’s lots of chat and activity round the merch table afterwards.

Our plans had been to stay fairly locally, but tomorrow’s (Monday) Daytrotter session was moved form the afternoon to morning with an 11am load in, so we decided to cancel the Air B&B (which looked a bit dodgy anyway!) and have an extra night in the hotel in Davenport where were already booked for  two nights.

I’m full of beer, so Margaret drives the two hours in terrible weather and we pick up some supplies from Walmart before checking into our hotel. Glad there’s not too much driving over the next couple days and to have a fairly ‘static’ base!

The house band joins me on Good Friend Blues

Our Pecatonica host, Wally….