One of many great shots from my Chicago show by Paula Borman 🙂

A DAY off! That means a long lie and a lazy-ish morning catching up on some admin and online stuff with coffee at a more leisurely pace than has been possible the last ten days or so.

We head out for a walk and have a late breakfast at a cafe nearby Nan and Mark’s then wander back to do some more work. Photographer Paula Borman from A Shot of Honky Tonk has put some cool pix from last night’s show on Facebook. We’re meeting her tomorrow to do an interview.

When Nan gets back from bloodshot Records’ HQ we all go out for dinner to a nearby Vietnamese place. It’s awesome..but far too much food. I’m gonna have to get on a strict eating/drinking/exercise regime when we get home!

Back at Nan and MArk’s we have a few more drinks, a good catch up – we haven’t; seen these guys for a couple of years – then hit the hay.