I do a wee bit of promo for the upcoming Scottish shows…don’t want them to get lost in the buzz of the USA tour!

WE have a long lie and another lazy morning. No gig – or travel – today!

I get busy with some promo for the Scottish shows coming up. I’m a little worried that all he focus is on the ‘here and now’ in the USA. There’s also a big bunch of names to go on the email list…but I’ll need Margaret to help decipher some of the handwriting.

A radio DJ in Spain has asked me to record some programme idents to use on his 1000th show, so I plug a mic into the audio recorder on my phone and get that done before I forget, edit them not he laptop and send them off. Isn’t technology amazing!

There’s some stuff we’ve been looking out for over here so we hit Costco. No joy, but we grab a snack for lunch then carry on visiting various shops ’til we find what we need. We also pick up a desert for this evening. Our host Don has invited us over to the house for dinner and has been smoking a pork shoulder all day 🙂

Back at the apartment I mess with the guitar for a while then its time to cross the back yard over to the house where we join Don, his daughter Nora and her partner for a lovely dinner.